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VELKOMMEN…. Which is norwegian for welcome. Am I Norwegian all of a sudden? Yes.

Kiddin’. My Nanna’s grandparents were FULL ON Norwegian, which makes me a sprinkle of Viking-ess. My nanna’s name was Norma Jean. She was the OG Norma Jean-- before Marilyn Monroe. Her middle name, also became my middle name, and now my daughters middle name too. Anyway, Nanna’s grandparents called her ‘YEAN’, instead of Jean. “Put your yacket on Yean!” My Brother and I always claimed our Norwegian hard out. During world cup soccer, we’d cheer for our hometeam Australia, until they got out and then we were straight into red flag with blue and white cross. We are actually ¼ Greek (hence the super Greek Goddess olive skin I have, why thanks for noticing) however our Greek Wrestling champion Grandad, abandoned my Nanna when she was pregnant with our Mum… so we don’t claim our Greek as much.

So, Jean…is the name of this little mag because it’s my middle name. It’s my middle. My guts. My centre. My core. The substance that lives in the part of me that matters the most. It’s not the super floaty esoteric, woke AF, nice sounding spiritual stuff… It’s also not the super basic boring ‘guys I did a shit today’ stuff’. It’s just whatever sits in my middle.

Why a blog? It’s 2019.

Yeh I know. But look what happened to the scrunchie.

I started this blog because:

This is a teeny fraction of my personal evolution in words. It can only ever be a teeny fraction.


-- Self Expression on my own turf. Not on insta, where they are numerous energies, algorithms and factors at play. Also… copyright. It’s important, no matter what spiritual person says it’s not.

-- My own healing. So I can write things I wanna write, talk about what I wanna talk about with zero obligation to fit into any kind of old identity, personality or hat i’ve previously worn. There is SO much healing in saying exactly what we mean. I don’t always feel insta is the appropriate place for that. But my homeground? Oh yeh.

-- I don’t wanna do things just for the purpose of ‘serving.’ Surprise, personal growth world!! I’m in a time of my life where my service to the world comes after and only after whatever it is I need to feel alive.

-- I don’t honestly know how long I’ll play the social media game. Currently, I am hot and cold. I appreciate it’s value, for sure. I appreciate the ease of connecting, the ease of sharing and all of the meaningful friends I’ve made on there (seriously, I love you). But who knows where it’s going? Not me. So, I wanted to have a homeground, so, if all went to shit with Social or if privacy breaches etc became too much of a thing, I could still express, communicate and share.

-- I am not sold on the idea of doing a podcast. It’s been on my radar for years. But, I just haven’t felt ‘there’. If I did start one, it’d be the same sorta tone as this written work-- it wouldn’t abide by a theme or to a schedule. It would be as free to change and evolve, stop and start, as I am here. That’s where I like to be.

-- I prefer reading information than listening to it personally. I love reading the news online. I love googling. I love reading articles. It’s cozy. It makes us stop, pause and consume things while doing nothing else (except maybe being on the dunny, which I do).

-- I have some super brilliant, but quite ‘underground in the world of content’ friends who have magical content and I’d like to showcase it. These are people who aren’t really interested in the blue tick, the Ted Talk or the ‘as featured in…’

There is no theme to this blog. It is just whatever, whenever, from my middle.

I will write short ones. Long ones. Funny ones. Serious ones. I’ll talk about my love and respect for Ricky Gervais, and the bone I have to pick with vegan activists. I’ll share things like my Birth Story, fav cafes, excerpts from Earth Is Hiring and also maybe QnA’s cos I love those. We’ll see :)

This is a place where I feel safe and happy to share things I wouldn’t share on the gram-- because I know it takes one more step of willingness, interest and curiosity to click on a blog, rather than just scroll on the gram. Some of what I have to share, I feel is too sacred and private for the thousands of people who follow on IG and never say a word. You know?

Thanks for clicking along and being here :)

My disclaimer:

-- There is no prescription with anything I say. I’m never, ever giving advice. It’s up to you to discern.

-- This is my truthful expression. I’d love this space to serve as a reminder or and a practice in free speech, and accepting that we all care about different things, experience different truths, believe different beliefs.

-- Things I write today I may not agree with tomorrow. That’s the pace at which I move. I move like the wind. This is not anything set in stone, it’s my place for natural expression.

-- These words are my work. Copyright applies to them all. If something inspires you, share it and where and who it came from. The same copyright that applies to my published book, applies to these words.

-- I don’t have comments on, because with a toddler and another one on the way and a book in the works, I won’t be constantly engaging. I engage on social when it feels good and appropriate, for sure. However the main purpose here is expression. We all have to find OUR rhythm and way, regardless of any and all of the information out there.

Peta Kelly