Tangible Beauty- A book update for 2019 releases

I’m doing it very differently. With a baby in my tum and a 2 year old I want to soak up every day with… this book producing process has to suit ME. It’s so relieving and refreshing that I let that be the case now.

Here’s how my two newest books are going to go. Limited edition, small batch, higher price. I’ve completely tapped out of the ‘this is how books go’ model. Especially in the self help world, which to be honest I don’t consider myself a part of.  A lot of people who write books in the self help world are happy to slot them into the machine because their intention is to bring awareness to their other work, to gain authority on a subject and to expand their reach— totally cool! For me, my books ARE the work. They’re the end result. They’re where I want you to land. There isn’t anything else I’m inviting you to.  I don’t coach. I no longer have a membership community. I don’t promote myself as a speaker. Right now, I’m happy to lay low, tend to my home and make beautiful things when the timing and fire are right. So, the book model as it stands doesn’t work for me. The way I published Earth Is Hiring, was right for that book. But it isn’t right for future ones. I’m not at the stage in my life where I’ll produce a book, put my life on paper, and do it as a financial volunteer. Especially not as a mother of 2. I did that for years with programs and events, telling a story that had embedded like an unwanted fungi in my cells (now gone) that because I had success and money from my first and most lucrative business , I didn’t need nor deserve to be paid for my new work. Like I’d hit my cap and was a volunteer now. Sounds nice. But it’s not sustainable. It’s not energetically viable. All of my events, programs etc were financially voluntary for me. On purpose. And yet they consumed my time and energy. When I became a mum of 1, that stopped being ok. When I became a mum of 2, my whole body revolted against that old story and made me upgrade immediately before I could make new things. In 2019 when my kids book and also PP are available, I just want you to know this. They aren’t like books you order on amazon (not better or worse just different). They’re like limited edition vinyl, crafted in a way that honours what a book really is— the materials that should wrap the words. The nuances that make it more like an heirloom. Complete and total honour for the artisans who are professionals— never cutting corners so it’s ‘cheaper’ and ‘quicker’. Jeff Bezos said “One thing won’t change in the next ten years, people won’t want their books slower or more expensive.” Not me. It’s funny cos I’m currently telling you, my community “Don’t worry earth is hiring will be restocked on amazon etc within the month!’ And yet the new books I’m working on now are going through the most delicate, unique process, with no corners cut and no racy pace to abide by. I literally sit opposite the consultants who are helping me source the right artisans for the book and share my ideas about things I wanted, things like hand written notes stuck on… that were shut down when I was printing Earth Is Hiring. My new team salivate over well made books. When I suggest things that seem ‘hard’ or lots of hand work, they say “Yes, and…” . 

The other thing I’m excited about with releasing PP is that the 2019 limited edition is going to be… UNEDITED.  Like the raws of a music album, or behind the scenes takes of a movie. Once the first batch is gone, there won’t ever be a repeat of the same edition. It will be changed slightly so to preserve the uniqueness of the limited edition. Contrary to what Jeff Bezos says, I am slowing it down. And I am making it more expensive. Because the ‘quick and cheap’ model isn’t where I want to play. Books aren’t just words. Mine aren’t. They’re a slice of my life that I’m offering to those who want the kinda things I’m making and saying. I have no interest in the mainstream. I have no interest in making these ones for everyone. It’s not my arena, for now. For me to make something, it has to creatively fulfil me. Making it like others do, there is no joy in that for me. And fulfilment is my highest form of payment. I don’t make books to become more esteemed or to ‘get bigger’, I make them because I enjoy the expression that comes in making it how I wanna make it. To do so, I need to take off all the rules. 

Earth Is Hiring is my accessible, ‘for everyone’ book … the one in which I invested deeply in, in order for it to be so. 

But not everything I make will be available to all. And that’s totally ok. It’s not dishonouring anyone, and finally, it’s not dishonouring me. 

So a heads up, my beautiful community. When you see the ‘pre order’ button and a higher price than you’ve seen for books, know this: These books are prices according to what it took me in this stage of my life to share what I shared. They’re priced according to the consultants I brought on who are the BEST in the industry when it comes to producing books that honour the craftsmanship, materials and quality of the book, and not just the information inside. They’re priced with the intention that they’re cherished more as heirlooms than candy that you can order again the next day on Amazon. (Let me clear I’m not knocking this. I buy books on Amazon everyday and my first beloved book is on there. I love it). 

It’s just not the way my cookie will crumble for these next two… at least not this year. 

I plan to release the first batch of my kids book- Earth To Kids which is the kids version of Earth Is Hiring, before Christmas this year. I also plan to release my limited edition, small batch, unedited book for grown ups (definitely not for kids lol) by the end of this year. If they push out, it’s because they need to. But know that when you hold them in your hand, every single decision, was made honouring the fact that WE CRAVE BEAUTY. Not just beauty, but tangible beauty. We want to hold things in our hands that nourish us. We want to let things of quality indulge us. That’s what I want to give you. My rawness, and also some luxury. 

Stay tuned. The next couple of months will see pre-ordering available (unless life clock-blocks the plan!) and once the first batch is gone, another won’t be available until 2020 once I am out of my bubba bubble <3 

Also, I talk about this particular book process in my newest poddy interview with Amy-Jo Martin. 

Lotsa love to you. Thank you for reading. PK XXX

Peta Kelly