Sol's Friends

Sol’s Friends…

You may have heard me talk about ‘Sol’s Friends’ in my book or on a poddy. What is it? Well, It’s simply the term I use as an umbrella for all of the organisations and projects I support. I didn’t register it as an official foundation or not-for-profit. I explored it for months, but it just felt too hard basket and kinda not necessary. I can give money direct to organisations I care about without any fluff around it. It’s called Sol’s Friends because my first born is my daughter Sol (legend), and while she has a privileged life, we acknowledge as a family that so many children and families around the world don’t. So, this is for them.

At the beginning of my new kids book ‘Earth To Kids’, you’ll see a page that says “This is a Sol’s Friends book”... this basically means “In buying this book, or anything I make, know that money is always being circulated to organisations and projects doing beautiful things for our children, mothers, families and our Earth.” 

I just wanted to give you a few examples of those I support-- Some as a significant sponsor, some as a recurring monthly donation, some twice a year, some every Christmas and some just one off.… Also, not mentioned are all the ways my work allows me to gift items and money to people privately. So, thank you for supporting my work. In doing so, you’re part of a beautiful ecosystem.

Birth Time Documentary

The Unstoppable Foundation

Circle Of Health

Make A Wish 



The Isa Foundation

Free Art

There are others, but I’m not here to prove to try and win the nobility olympics. I just wanted to give you an insight so that it was clear whenever you read the term ‘Sol’s Friends’. :)

Peta Kelly