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Working with Peta is a real pleasure. She’s really thought hard about what she wants to say and we, in our turn are really thinking hard about how we’re going to make this book and help get her message across. 

Of course, we’re thinking about obvious things like paper; but we’re also thinking about less obvious things like water use and waste and we’re thinking about abstract things like good design and how children read and understand. 

We are thinking about all these things because it’s only by thinking deeply and carefully that we can make a book that works; a book that delivers its message; a book that is loved. 

We’ve chosen two mills to make our paper. Mohawk in the north eastern corner of the USA makes beautiful paper using wind power and their paper is FSC accredited. For our book we took the additional step of using re-cycled fibre. The paper for the bookmarks is made in the UK and goes a step further being made from re-cycled coffee cups. Each bookmark represents one cup!

To print and distribute all this we chose the Pureprint Group who represent the best possible environmental practice in the printing industry. Pureprint were the first printing company in the world to achieve EMAS and ISO recognition and all their work for us is carbon neutral. With water re-cycling and waste minimisation and recycling throughout the plant we are making this book with the minimum possible impact on the world.

Of course, the biggest waste of all is to make a book that’s inaccessible and hard to read despite its content and that’s we’re working with the lovely Billie Temple. As a graphic designer and artist, Billie really understands about books and images. The typeface is cut especially for children and the text moved around the page to maintain the interest. The special effects of foils, varnishes and laminates have been hand drawn and the application and processes specially chosen to stimulate the senses – haptic, visual, cognitive. 

**A Note from Billie on effects**

And us? We’re Hurtwood: paper lovers, type enthusiasts and book producers. And cyclists!