Pricing the book: Like many creators I went back and forth in my head a million times with questions like ‘will people truly understand what went into making this book? Will they get why it’s priced the way it is? Will they appreciate it?’ I’m not sure anyone ever knows what goes into a creation, but at some point as creators we have to let that go. I just want you to know, that when I do something, I do it well. I invested deeply into this book- the illustrations by Nynne, the consultant Francis who helped me source the exact materials and artisans who’d make this how it deserved to be made, and Billie my designer who ensured the flow of the book was dynamic and effective for children while also creating the special effect on each page. I wanted to make something that gave people the opportunity to invest in something perhaps they perhaps wouldn’t usually and that there are many people out there like me, who love the opportunity to buy something well made. This is why I made 1000 of the limited edition. I am also mindful that it’s not within everyone’s scope to make such an investment, and so a regular edition (still on beautiful, sustainable paper, the same words, the same illustrations) will be available after the limited edition. The colouring book that comes as part of the limited edition bundle, will also be available. This satisfies both my desire to make something of a deep and rich quality for you, but also allow the message to spread to children and families beyond. The artwork will be available in 2020 as pieces you can hang on your kids (or your) wall. So take note when your kid chooses their favourite page :)