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My name is Nynne Mors, and I  am a happy IIlustrator and Online Art Teacher. I live in  the cold and cozy north where we love "hygge". I am SO EXITED to share  my contribution for : "Earth To Kids" with you. It have been such a meditative process to tap into Peta´s message for the new generation. Her humor and heart shows easily, and the message feels like a big warm hug from Mamma Earth. I am so humbled by creating this artwork for your kids, and I hope the love from my artstudio ripples out to every home. Every stroke of watercolor is made with love. It is loaded with nurturing and support to all kids in the world. I decided to create most of the artwork with watercolors, because I believe that all children have an eye for quality. And I believe that all children deserve art made from the heart. Thanks to all the parents out there who serve the world by giving love to the next generation. This book is for you and your kids. I believe in you. Love from Nynne